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What is a Tool Library?

Need to put up a shelf? Want to build yourself a garden bed? Have a stray branch to cut off that tree in your yard? By borrowing from the Tool Library instead of purchasing tools at the store, not only will you save money and reduce waste, you’ll have the opportunity to meet a whole community of people trying to promote the growing economy of sharing.

How does it work?

An annual membership at the Charlottetown Tool Library costs $60.

  1. Create an account on our inventory page to request a membership.
  2. Browse the inventory for the tools you need to complete your project. Most loans are free of charge and last for 7 days, although there may be some exceptions for very popular items.
  3. Visit us in person (Currently we meet visitors at our Stow-it-all storage locker) to pay your membership fee, sign the membership agreement, and to loan and return tools.
  4. Return your tools by the due date (or contact us to request renewal) to avoid any late fees.