Are you a (Table) Maker?

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We’re looking for a volunteer to build us two work tables.

  • Design: Flexible
  • Size: Approx 36-48″ wide x 30-36″ h
  • Budget: $40-60 for the pair
  • Timeline: May 20th or earlier

We’re looking for a volunteer to finalize a design and build two folding work tables. If you want to send us a budget in advance of buying resources, we would be happy to reimburse you. (Sorry, we can’t pay for labour though.)

The tables must be strong and steady, and will be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Project space in the Tool Library
  • Workshop tables at events
  • Display area at booths

Contact us if this is the project for you!

Bonus points for simple designs that minimize waste of resources. Here are a couple of ideas for the design to get those creative juices flowing. We can send you the Sketch-up file if you want to play with these designs.

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