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When will the Tool Library open?

Good question! There’s always a lot to work on, including some legal business to attend to, without willing volunteers this process is difficult. If you want to volunteer you time or skills to help the process along, please contact us.

In the meantime, we are unofficially operational, loaning tools from Stow-it-all storage locker where our donations are being accumulated.

How much will membership cost?

An annual membership to the library is $50. Membership fees help to provide a stable income for the tool library, to offset regular expenses such as rent and tool maintenance. While we wish that we could provide access for free, membership fees form an incredibly important part of our financial planning.

What will your hours of operation be?

The hours of operation will entirely depend on how many dedicated volunteers sign up to help loan out the tools (hint hint!). We expect to be able to open in the evening on a few days throughout the week, and for longer during one of the weekend days.

Additionally, we hope to have a tool drop-off station at one or more of the Farmers Markets for returning tools and making donations.